Beijing, China

Beijing, China

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Let Asia be your oyster

Asia is like a world within the world. Ancient, palatial, sprawling, diverse - from the neon metropolis of Tokyo and the temple-spotted rice paddies of Cambodia to the dusty plains of India and the sultry Borneo heat: you will never see the same thing twice.

And while it is impossible to narrow down your list, we have figured out a thing or two over the last 40 years about the best way to tackle a continent as diverse as this one. We can help to guide you - but at the end of the day, where you want to go is up to you.

Do you want to see the Taj Mahal or go cruising between the great stone pillars of Ha Long Bay? Gaze upon the temples of Kyoto, the Great Wall of China or colossal Angkor Wat? For yet more historical immersion, you could follow the ancient Silk Road. Do you want to see stunning Mount Fuji or climb the base camp at Mount Everest? The ancient pink city of Jaipur or the Forbidden City in Beijing? Do you want to walk among the elephants of Chiang Mai or the Terracotta Warriors? Go ultra-luxe shopping in Kuala Lumpur or dive deep into the street food of Bangkok?

With us, all these experiences and more are waiting. Browse our packages, tours and deals below to pinpoint your magic moment - or give us a call for some impartial advice. Don’t forget, if you value independence and local advice, there’s only one choice - book with us now!

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6 days
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Embark on an extraordinary 16-day journey through Vietnam and Cambodia, filled with captivating experiences an…
Cruise along the Mekong River on an escorted tour, exploring both Vietnam and Cambodia.
Discover hidden gems on a 20-day guided journey from Vietnam to Cambodia and everything in between.
22 days
Explore Japan by rail on this exciting adventure!
16 days
Journey through Japan, where the fusion of modernity and tradition comes to life in Tokyo and witness the beau…
116 nights
50 destinations in 21 countries
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14 days
Explore the enchanting landscapes and immerse yourself in rich Korean traditions on an intimate small-group to…
12 days
Explore ruins, stroll through lush green hills and discover secrets and hidden beauty of Sri Lanka.
6 days
Experience a tropical paradise at a luxurious 5-star premium all-inclusive resort, promising unparalleled comf…
6 days
Take a moment to pamper yourself and unwind in the pristine turquoise waters of the Maldives.
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